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Cory willness

CropPro Consulting

Naicam, SK
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Cory spent 8 years in Ag retail before starting the independent consulting firm CropPro in 2003. He has always been about managing core agronomy and considers one of the foundation principles of the business is to provide excellent service at a fair price.

Cory has a passion for value, trust and accountability in advice. This business culture along with a blue-collar hard work ethic has helped CropPro grow and retain its farm clientelle across Saskatchewan.

CropPro also uses a system called SWAT RECORDS which features apps, cloud storage/synchronization, and PC software. SWAT RECORDS provides a complete operating system that manages the data and operations for the crop scouting and variable-rate services. Cory also services and supports this system with CropPro clients and consultants.

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