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Your Network of Professional Agrologists in Western Canada

We Can Help Your Farm

The Independent Consulting Agrologist Network (ICAN) is a group of independent consultants providing crop production advice to producers in Western Canada.

Each consultant advises on a minimum of 10,000 acres and takes pride in helping their customers maximize their crop production.

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Join Our Network

ICAN provides a network of peer support and training opportunities for small business independent consultants in Western Canada.

We invite any independent agrologists across the prairies to join our network. Share your expertise, learn from other professionals, and grow your business.

Benefits of Becoming an ICAN Member

  • Members name and bio are put up onto the website.

  • Members are added to the ICAN Whats App group for in season questions/support.

  • Every year in the beginning of February ICAN hosts an agronomy conference. The conference is agronomy speaker focused, there is a group supper and activity for networking. This conference changes location based on the group(s) volunteering to help organize that year. 

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